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Add log4j to your project

This is a quick guide to add log4j to your project. The steps to how add the log4j jar to the project are explained here

Next we will create the log4j.xml file to configure the log4j library to our requirements.This file will define the 3 core objects.

  • Appender: It is responsible of writing data to Console, file or database.
  • Layout: It defines how the log message is formatted. 
  • Logger: It is responsible for collecting the data that will be logged in Console for example (Appender) with the format defined in the Layout.


Following is a simple example of log4j properties file. Here we are defining a Consoler appender and layout pattern. Then we are mapping all the DEBUG level messages from the application to the ConsoleAppender.


//Logging examples
logger.debug("Getting properties from the config files");
logger.error("No file found");


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