Containers VS VM

Many containers can run on the top of the same host Kernel.

Container is not a virtual machine .

Container has a default application that it must start.


Understanding Docker:

Docker architecture : 

  • Docker uses client server architecture. 
  • The docker deamon is responsible  of building, running and downloading container images.
  • The docker client is responsible of comunicating with docker server.


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In a containerized environment , it is not possible to go easily  from C1 to C2. It is possible to go from Kernet to Containers. If you run ps aux, you ll get all the containers which makes container are slightly less secure than VM. To completly isolate the container, we must add SElinux.


Get the IP address:

$docker inspect --format='{{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}}' gracious_fermi 


Docker installation errors solution:

MySQL on Docker - Docker installation with errors resolved part 1 Source


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