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Apache ActiveMQ Introduction

What is Apache ActiveMQ: 

Apache ActiveMQ (AMQ) is an open source message broker written in Java, which implements JMS. ActiveMQ makes use of the Java Message Service (JMS) API, which defines a standard for software to use in creating, sending, and receiving messages. 

How does ActiveMQ work?

ActiveMQ  sends messages between client applications (Producers and Consumers). It can connect multiple clients and servers and allows messages to be held in queue, instead of requiring both the client and server to be available simultaneously in order to communicate. Messaging can still happen even if one application is not available. 

The ActiveMQ broker routes each message through one of two types of destinations:

  • Queue : A single message will be received by exactly one consumer. If there are no consumers available at the time the message is sent it will be kept until a consumer is available that can process the message. (point-to-point)
  • Topic :  to be delivered to multiple consumers that are subscribed to that topic.( publish/subscribe)

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